The Shop

Prototype and implement across a mixture of media among a community of creators. 

In the Shop and Lab spaces at SCD, our aim is to establish a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals interested in exploring new skills and crafts. The Labs and Media Studio are open Tuesday - Sunday from 4pm-10pm when classes are in session.  

Get Started with Training

We offer online orientations and training to make is easy to get started, and provide in-person training on the specific equipment you are interested in using. Learn new tools one at a time, or all at once, so you can keep your design prototypes moving forward.

Our equipment is categorized into levels based on training and experience required for safe use. Our online Lab training will introduce you to all of these tools so you are familiar with what they can do, and our Lab Attendants will get you set up to work on them. Tap on any of the training levels below to learn more about the tools and access required to use them. 

Online Orientation on Canvas

Labs in The Shop

Tools available to check out or use while in The Shop

We keep an arrangement of tools and resources available to use while you are working in The Shop. We keep many of the tools in their respective Labs for convenience, and others can be checked out from the front desk.