Milwaukee HOLE DOZER™ Plumbers Hole Saw Kit, 12pc



Features a new 3.5TPI tooth design that offers users the longest life in metal applications.

DEWALT  Black and Gold 14-Piece Assorted Set Black and Gold Coated Hss Twist Drill Bit Set



  • Used for drilling into a variety of materials including plastic, wood, and metal. 

  • Need: Drill, clamps

Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium Red Helix Drill Bit Set 15 pc



  • Used for drilling into a variety of materials including plastic, wood, and metal. 
  • Need: Drill, clamps

Warrior 6 Piece Wire Wheel and Cup Brush Set 


  • Used for any surface cleaning job. 

  • These tough wire wheels are filled with crimped, un-tempered carbon steel wire. 

  • The crimped wire cup brush is rigidly secured to a safety-designed cup-shaped metal holder for added durability and efficient use.

Forstner Bit Set (8-Piece) - Ryobi


  • Helps you quickly make clean holes in wood
  • Great for making flat-bottomed holes
  • X-Wing design for greater visibility and precision cutting. 
  • Only use these bits on a drill press

Avanti Pro - HCS Spade Bit Set (10-Piece)


  • This set provides top quality performance when drilling into clean wood. 

  • A centering point tip allows for fast starts and easy entry in clean wood applications. 

  • The flat paddle design effectively removes debris for clean holes.

15 Pc. Router Bit Starter Set - Carbide Cutters - 1/2" Shank - Yonico 17150


  • A starter router bit set with the most essential profiles and shapes.  For use on table mount and handheld router

Buffalo Corporation® - Pro-Series™ 24-piece Carbide Tipped Router Bit Set


  • This set has 24 popular and specialty router bits for decorative edging, joining and veining

  • Great for hobbyist or professional woodworkers to use during home restoration, cabinet making and woodworking projects.

Westward 25-Piece Hole Saw Kit for Wood, Range of Saw Sizes: 3/4" to 4-3/4"


  • This kit includes a selection of hole saw sizes, an arbor, and a pilot bit. 

  • They are used to cut wood, plywood, and MDF. 

  • Hole saws have a cutting rim and hollow core to remove material while leaving a core of the material whole. 

  • This allows larger holes to be drilled faster using a handheld power drill than would be possible using a drill bit.

Gearwrench - 40 Piece Ratcheting Tap and Die Drive Set


  • Tap and dies are metal threading tools. 

  • Taps make internal threads inside a hole and dies make external threads on a round rod. 

  • They are often used for rethreading (cleaning up existing threads).