Irwin Vise Grip - Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter (10WR)



Available - 5”, 7”, 9”


  • A versatile pair of pliers that locks effectively around different objects.

Stanley Linesman Pliers


  • Lineman's pliers are used by electricians to straighten, cut, grip, twist, push, and pull wire. 
  • They are used to cut and bend light gauge metal and pull staples and nails.

Stanley Groove Joint Pliers



  • Are often used for gripping irregularly shaped objects. 

  • They can also be used for clamping materials or for turning and holding nuts and bolts.

Stanley Long Nose Pliers


cutting and holding pliers used to bend, re-position and snip wire.

Stanley Diagonal Pliers


  • Diagonal cutting pliers are used for cutting wire and small pins in areas that cannot be reached by larger cutting tools

  •  Because the cutting edges are diagonally offset about 15 degrees, these can cut objects flush with a surface.

Wire Stripper 



Is a small hand-held tool that is used to remove the insulation from electric wires or repair them.

Stanley Bent Nose Pliers


  • Bent nose pliers are ideal for getting into and gripping hard to reach places, they can also be used for opening and closing jump rings and shaping wire. 
  • The bent angle of tips means that you can see your work without the handles getting in the way of your line of sight.