Bandy Clamp




Overall Dimensions: 2-3/4''W x 5''L

Maximum Opening: 1-1/4''

Throat Depth: 1-7/8''



Maximum Opening: 2''

Jaw Depth: 1-5/8''

Patent pending



Overall Dimensions: 5''W x 8-3/4''L

Maximum Opening: 2-5/8''

Throat Depth: 3-3/4''

  • A solution for clamping edge banding. 

  • The rubber band strap connected between the no-slip clamp pads puts pressure on the edge of your work piece - the deeper you set it, the tighter the pressure. 

  • There are 3 different sizes of clamps so be sure to ask for the appropriate one

Spring Clamp



Length (In.): 6

Max. Jaw Opening (In.): 2

  • Spring clamps are commonly used to clamp wood, metal, plastic, and fabric with a single point of pressure. 

  • Their work is great for clamping stop blocks on fences or jigs, clamping power cords, fast and easy clamping, and gluing woodworking projects.

Trigger Clamp



12 in, 100 lbs,  2.43 in. Throat Depth

  • It can be used for a range of work applications, from light-duty woodworking up to heavy-duty metal construction and fabrication. 

  • It is an ideal clamp for holding a workpiece while performing a variety of tasks, such as cutting, sawing, sanding, gluing and nailing.

Pipe Clamps


Are used as an efficient and tidy way to restrain, secure and guide tubing or conduit 
Used for a range of plumbing, heating and electrical purposes.

C Clamp


8 inch max opening 

2750 lb clamping pressure

3 and 1/4 in Throat Dp


    • Are used to hold materials in place, usually wood or metal 

    • Have been used in woodworking for quite awhile, they help hold pieces steady