Research Scholars

SCD Research Assistants explore what human-centered design looks like in their fields of study.  

Their work expands our understanding of problems facing a variety of communities, and how we can work together to design collaborative solutions.

Assessment and Research Scholars

Scholars integrate design thinking into various areas of study, and often find ways to inform their own research using human-centered design. Their work helps show others how HCD can apply to any discipline and create bridges across campus. 

The Assessment and Research team seeks collaborations with faculty and staff to conduct research, create curricula, execute projects, and develop new relationships with campus and community partners. 

The Scholars collect data from our own academic programs, and analyze it in order to develop better content and iterate on our offerings. Our research informs our academic content, and our programs offer additional research opportunities. 

Be part of the SCD Team

From student positions to full-time gigs, we post all openings on our Jobs page. 

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