Proto antivibe Ball Peen Hammer Set



Sizes - 8, 12, 16, 24


  • Patented Anti-Vibe® technology delivers greater vibration dampening effect than traditional one-piece steel hammer.


  • Designed for peening, or shaping metal materials by hammering

Westward Rubber Mallet 



Head Weight: 32 oz


  • The rubber mallet has a rubber head that lets you put plenty of muscle behind each blow without damaging workpiece surfaces

  • Generally used to position objects rather than for driving.

Westward dead blow hammer



  • Head Weight: 37oz
  • A dead blow hammer is a mallet-like tool used to absorb tremors that occur when the hammer strikes
  • Prevents damage to soft surfaces, while reducing the amount of rebound and improving the striking force of the hammer.

Milwaukee Tools 3lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer


  • The milled face grips chisels, punches, stakes, and spikes to reduce slippage or misstrikes, while the smooth face can be utilized for a wide range of striking applications

  • Designed with a high strength fiberglass handle and reinforced overstrike protection.

19oz Milled Face Hickory Handle Framing Hammer


  • Is designed for carpenters and craftspeople with a precision balanced design
  • The wood handle framing hammer has a magnetic nail set in the metal head as well.

Pittsburgh 1-1/2 lb. Soft Face Mallet


  • The soft face rubber mallet has two replaceable faces, one made of soft rubber and the other of high density plastic

  • The rugged chrome-plated head and tubular steel shaft are designed to stand up to heavy usage.