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Shape the Future of Design Thinking with SCD

Join our SCD Affiliate Program to be part of a dynamic community dedicated to advancing human-centered design and design thinking. Our affiliates work on cutting-edge projects, research, and teaching initiatives, contributing to SCD's leadership in this field. Discover the benefits of a new type of appointment with SCD, where you'll collaborate with experts, access valuable resources, and apply design thinking to your own discipline. Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration!

Get involved with SCD through exciting thematic areas that bridge human-centered design (HCD) with your interests. These themes tackle big challenges and opportunities that require a diverse, interdisciplinary approach, and tap into SCD's expertise and resources. You'll collaborate with SCD teams and the Director to shape projects and contributions in areas such as teaching HCD, applying it in STEM, Humanities and Social Sciences, K-12 education, communities, and the corporate world. Join us in making a real impact, become an affiliate today!

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SCD Affiliates - College of ACES

Jorden Brotherton is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Hospitality Management. Jorden co-teaches FSHN 439 – Design Thinking for Restaurants at SCD. The course equips students with design skills to create unique restaurant experiences!

Amy Leman is an Assistant professor at College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences - diving into human-centered design to enhance university students' learning and study skills.

Dawn Bohn is a Teaching Associate Professor at UIUC's Food Science & Human Nutrition Department. She teaches innovative courses like Edible Entrepreneurialism, Food Ingredient Technology, and more, empowering students with hands-on experience in the food industry.

Dr. Shelly Schmidt is a Professor of Food Chemistry, has been with the university since 1986. She has developed Teaching Assistant LHtL Workshops for the Graduate Academy and College of ACES, as well as Student LHtL Workshops for ACES Student Success and FSHN 199 Student Orientation Seminar.

SCD Affiliates - College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS)

Dr. Carla Santos is a Professor in the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism, whose research program is focused on the examination of communicative practices (from mass mediated narratives to the face-to-face dyad) as a means of addressing the socio-political and cultural impact of tourism on the world's people and cultures. 

SCD Affiliates - College of Business

Vidya Haran is a Teaching Assistant Professor of Information Systems (IS) and the IS Undergraduate Major Director at the Gies College of Business. With SCD, she has worked on research projects such as piloting a course on UX, and developing the Safer Illinois App. 

SCD Affiliates - College of Education

Gloriana González is a Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the College of Education. She is currently the Principal Investigator for Engaging teachers in integrating human-centered design for geometry problem-based instruction. Down in the Shop at SCD, students will use design thinking to solve a problem relevant to their community.

Mary Herrmann is a Teaching Associate Professor in Education Policy at the College of Education. She's integrating human-centered design thinking into her leadership courses and contributing to immersive experiences for school superintendents with SCD.

Dr. Mike Tissenbaum is an Associate Professor specializing in Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Psychology at UIUC. He explores how digital games, simulations, and mobile tech can revolutionize learning spaces and promotes inclusive computing and engineering curricula for underrepresented youth.

SCD Affiliates - College of Engineering

Dr. Yuting W. Chen is a Teaching Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of Women in Engineering Program, has been collaborating with SCD since 2021. They're working on a service-learning project that involves UofI students teaching at local schools and hosting workshops with local teachers to foster future partnerships. 

Leon Liebenberg is a Teaching Professor in Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering at UIUC. He's collaborating with SCD's Saad Shehab and Alex Pagano on creative design-thinking workshops for ME 270 (Design for Manufacturability).

Chris Schmitz is a Teaching professor in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - contributing to human-centered design modules on teamwork and storytelling.

Matthew D. Goodman is a Materials Science and Engineering lecturer at the University of Illinois. He's transformed the MatSE senior design course, achieving remarkable results by embracing Human-Centered Design principles. 

Dr. Molly H. Goldstein is a Teaching Assistant Professor and Product Design Lab Director in Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering. Dr. Goldstein's research centers on student designer trade-off decisions, and she's a mentor to SCD Fellows and Scholars, providing expertise in HCD research methods and teaching HCD approaches in her classes. 

Jenny Amos is a Bioengineering Teaching Professor at Grainger college of Engineering - collaborates with SCD staff to apply the human-centered engineering design framework. She helps bridge the gap between the HCD framework and student learning outcomes in her Capstone Bioengineering program.

Keilin Jahnke is a Teaching Assistant Professor in Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship, leads the AWARE Program at the Technology Entrepreneur Center. Keilin collaborates with SCD to offer entrepreneurial courses, boost student confidence in creativity, and share insights about the HCD framework with practitioners. 

Timothy Bretl is a Severns Faculty Scholar and Professor of Aerospace Engineering, has been partnering with SCD for a year. They are integrating Human-Centered Design into the Aerospace Engineering curriculum, resulting in a new project focused on co-designing aerospace courses.

Dr. Marcia Pool is an Assistant Director for Education at the Cancer Center at Illinois and a Teaching Associate Professor in Bioengineering. She's working with SCD on projects aimed at breaking barriers in cancer research participation and enhancing education through human-centered design.

Dr. Elle Wroblewski is an Assistant Professor in Aerospace Engineering at Grainger College. With SCD, she's transforming aerospace engineering education through a Human-Centered Design approach.

Michael Philpott is a Mechanical Science and Engineering Professor at UIUC and Founder of aPriori inc. He played a key role in developing HCD materials for ME170 CAD class, integrating HCD techniques in ME170 for 5 years, and aiding in the creation of an Emergency Ventilator for Carle Hospital during the COVID-19 response.

Blake Johnson is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering. With Siebel Center for Design, he has been working to implement human-centered design principles in the development of K–12 outreach initiatives like an intramural ecosystem that brings students and faculty in Education, Engineering, and Media together to create high-quality, age-appropriate STEM content for use by educators statewide.

Michael F. Lembeck is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Aerospace Engineering  Department. Along with the SCD team he is working to establish continuity through the Aerospace Engineering curriculum by introducing important human-centered design concepts early in students’ careers.

Joe Bradley is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Bioengineering department. He has worked with the team at SCD on Exposomic equity- discovering on what it is and how can we communicate its effect on the health of communities using human-centered design. He has also worked on developing the course on GFX projects which focuses on Design Thinking implementation in first year projects.

SCD Affiliates - College of Fine & Applied Arts

Cliff Shin is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design within the School of Art and Design and a dedicated design researcher - seamlessly integrating design research and application into the educational landscape.

Dr. Juan Salamanca is an Assistant Professor in the School of Art and Design, combines design, social sciences, and informatics in his research. He partnered with SCD to create the 60-foot mural "Coalescing Currents," using augmented reality and 3D printing to showcase innovative technologies and knowledge frameworks.

SCD Affiliates - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Ruby Mendenhall is a Professor in Sociology and African American Studies, is also an Associate Dean for Diversity and Health Innovation at Carle Illinois College of Medicine. Her research explores the impact of living in racially segregated, violent neighborhoods on Black mothers' well-being. She's working with SCD to train community health workers to address racial trauma and health disparities.

Ann Abbott is an Associate Professor of Spanish at the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences - exploring the intersection of language, culture and healthcare, with a focus on Latinx communities' well-being.

Nikia Brown is an Associate Director of Intercultural and Global Learning at the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, is passionate about empowering individuals to drive their own change. She partnered with SCD when she launched the LAS Global Leaders Program in 2020, uniting domestic and international students to tackle global issues using Human-Centered Design.

Martin Burke is the May and Ving Lee Professor for Chemical Innovation, and Professor of Chemistry, and is pioneering the Lego-like synthesis of small molecules. In contrast to the traditional complex and customized approach, Burke has demonstrated that his simple and increasingly general Lego-like platform for making small molecules is well-suited for automation and integration with artificial intelligence, thus opening a path toward democratized molecular innovation.

SCD Affiliates - College of Media

Mike Yao is a Professor of Digital Media and Director of the Institute of Communications Research. His research delves into the nexus of emerging technology, digital media, and human communication, emphasizing innovative solutions that balance tech demands, human needs, and social responsibility.

SCD Affiliates - College of Veterinary Medicine

Holly Fuson is the Director of Online Programs and Extension at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Her work with the Siebel Center for Design started in 2022 in utilizing the human-entered design taxonomy as the foundation for guiding students through their capstone innovation projects in the Master of Veterinary Science degree program.

SCD Affiliates - University Departments & Academic Services

Gretchen Forman is an Associate Director of Freshman Experience at UIUC. She's bringing new students to SCD and helping them embark on an exciting journey of discovery and design at Illinois.