Resident Groups and RSOs

Become a Resident Team or RSO

Resident teams and groups gain access to even more resources through SCD, and are a core part of how we bring multi-disciplinary guests from all around campus to the Center.

SCD Resident Teams and RSOs

SCD has developed a program for registered student organizations and project teams to become “residents” of one of the collaboration studios within SCD. The residency program is built to give dedicated space to student organizations and provide opportunities for these groups to collaborate with each other in a shared space. Residents will have special access to SCD’s spaces and resources, all the while being a part of SCD’s community of collaborators. The residency program provides a “home base” for student organizations that are cross-disciplinary, and creates a space and community where every student can feel like they belong.  

Being a resident in SCD has its perks! Members of resident RSO’s will gain exclusive card access to their assigned collaboration studio. Residents can also instantly book their own spaces** within SCD by assigning a group contact to have special privileges to our online reservation system. This includes reserving areas within the assigned collaboration studio, along with classrooms and meeting rooms. **public areas such as Starlight, Gallery, Upper/Lower Lobbies, and the Amphitheater will still require a request to be approved by SCD staff. 

Each resident group will also get assigned their own dedicated locker(s) for storing their items, along with the ability to utilize SCD’s mailing address for delivery of mail/packages

Residents of Twilight Studio will get a designated work space in the studio, as well as access to shared work areas. Residents of Sunset Studio will have access to event  space within the studio, along with shared workspaces. 

All residents of both studios will get priority access to SCD events and workshops, such as RSO mixers, human-centered design workshops and bootcamps, Reading Day events, and more. Our SCD programming staff can also provide limited event support to those who need a little help getting their events off the ground.

And last but not least, SCD can provide marketing opportunities for resident events or activities. Promotional opportunities include: allowing internal posting and recruiting, social media exposure through SCD channels, allowing residents to “takeover” SCD’s socials for a period, or promoting resident events through the SCD newsletter and website. 

Residents are expected to follow the SCD Building Policies and Shop Policies (if applicable). Beyond the general building policies, SCD residents are expected to be good citizens of their respective studios by being respectful and mindful of others working in their shared space. Since residents will be sharing the space used for events and meetings, they are also expected to work with other groups utilizing the space to coordinate calendars and timelines of events. 

While residents have special permissions to book space for themselves in both the studio and other SCD spaces, we ask that organizations use this privilege responsibly by not overbooking spaces so every resident can have equal opportunity and access to space throughout SCD. SCD reserves the right to cancel bookings as needed to ensure equal access among organizations.

Residents should use their card access to SCD’s studios and meeting spaces responsibly. This means only approved team members should be in restricted access spaces that require card access. These areas are locked in order to provide safe and secure spaces for resident groups. Please be sure to close all doors and lockers to be mindful of all residents in the spaces. Locked doors can never be propped open, unless permission has been coordinated with SCD for special events. 

Teams interested in becoming a resident of SCD should complete the form below so that we can collect information about your group. This will help us determine which studio your RSO will be assigned to, and get you on your way to receiving card access, lockers, space and all the other resident benefits! 

After the form is submitted, our programming team will reach out to set up a meeting to get your organization all settled in. During this meeting we’ll review the use of space and have the main contact sign off on the relevant policies, help you pick out a locker and get your passcode set up, and work with your group to create branding for your locker.

Resident Request Form