Measuring Tape/Tape Measure



A tape measure, or measuring tape is a type of hand tool typically used to measure distance or size.

Set Squares 



  • The two common set squares are the 45° and the 60°-30° set square. 
  • These are used with the T-square to draw many common angles, providing that the angles are multiples of 15°. 
  • They are also used to draw parallel and perpendicular lines

Carbonized Bamboo Try Square



  • The essential marking and checking tool for any professional woodworker

  • Makes assessing angles and marking straight cuts easy and accurate.

Husky Digital Fractional Caliper


  • Digital calipers guarantee accuracy when you need to measure and fit joints, check board thicknesses while planing, or set cutting depths.

Johnson combination square


  • A combination square is a multi-use measuring instrument 

  • Primarily used for ensuring the integrity of a 90° angle, measuring a 45° angle, measuring the center of a circular object