Project Storage

Store Your Active Projects at SCD

Do you find yourself in need of a safe haven for your project between work sessions? Look no further! Our Project Storage service caters specifically to individuals actively engaged in projects within our Shop & Lab spaces.

Located conveniently on the lower level of SCD, our Project Storage window is accessible and staffed from 4-10 pm, seven days a week, when classes are in session. Think of it as your project's personal coat check – drop it off with us, and we'll ensure it stays securely stored until you're ready to resume work. Say goodbye to lugging your project through rain or snow!

Please note that we only accept active projects; we are not a long-term storage facility. To maintain the efficiency of our service, projects left untouched for two weeks will prompt an email warning to the project owner(s). This notification serves as a friendly reminder to check and update the project's status. Should a project remain idle for three weeks, it will be considered abandoned and will consequently become the property of SCD. As stewards of your projects, we reserve the right to use, modify, or dispose of them as deemed appropriate.

Project Storage Policies and Procedures

This service is intended to provide a convenient option for safely storing projects on campus, though we do require students to acknowledge the following policies when using Project Storage

Disclaimer of Responsibility and Right to Re-Purpose Unattended Projects
1. Disclaimer of Responsibility for Damages and Missing Projects: The Student acknowledges that the Siebel Center for Design (hereinafter referred to as "SCD") shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages, losses, or destruction of projects that are brought into the SCD facility.

2. Disclaimer of Responsibility for Missing Projects: The Student further acknowledges that SCD shall not be responsible for any missing projects. SCD does not assume any liability for the misplacement, loss, or theft of projects that have been entrusted to its facilities. While SCD endeavors to provide a safe and secure environment for projects, it cannot guarantee the safety or integrity of all items brought into its premises.

3. Right to Repurpose Unattended Projects: SCD reserves the right to repurpose any projects that are left unattended within its premises for a period of three weeks or more. Projects that remain unclaimed or unattended for such duration will be considered abandoned, and SCD shall have the authority to repurpose or dispose of them as it sees fit. SCD will make reasonable efforts to notify the project owners or responsible parties prior to taking such actions.

Project Storage Room Policies
Hours of Access: The Project Storage Room at the Siebel Center for Design (SCD) can be accessed Daily While Classes Are In Session: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

1. Project Retrieval: The Project Storage Room is accessible only during the designated hours mentioned above. Outside of these hours, the room will remain locked. No Exceptions.

2. Project Maintenance: Projects that remain untouched for a period of two weeks will receive an email warning. This notification will serve as a reminder to the project owner(s) to check and update their project's status.

3. If a project remains untouched for a period of three weeks, it will be considered abandoned and will become the property of SCD. The SCD reserves the right to use, modify, or dispose of the project as deemed appropriate.

4. Project Qualifications: The SCD reserves the right to reject projects that do not meet our qualifications or may be unsafe to handle or store. 

5. Grit Account Requirement: To access and store projects in the Project Storage Room, individuals must have an active Grit account. A Grit account provides access to SCD resources and serves as a means of identifying and tracking project ownership.