Building Policies

RSO Reservations

Space requests for any RSO events or activities must first be approved by the Student Organization, Development, and Administration (SODA) Office before they will be confirmed by SCD. SODA office requires submitting event requests 7 business days before the event. SCD requires submitting space requests 3 days before the event, with a completed event approval from the SODA office. This means you need to start at least 2 weeks before the event to complete the process.  RSO space requests submitted without approval from the SODA office will be denied.

RSO Event Requests

University Reservations

Space requests must be submitted at least 3 days before the requested date to be reviewed in time. Requests submitted less than 3 days before the reservation are not considered approved unless a confirmation message is received from the SCD programming team.

Request Space

Course (Full-Semester) Reservations

Booking rooms for upcoming semesters is managed separately from the space request process. Learn more about how instructors can connect with SCD by sending us a message, or connecting with our Curriculum Development team and the Assessment and Research Lab

Booking and Scheduling Policies

  • Space Requests: Submitting a request does not guarantee use of the space. 
    • Any requests that do not receive a confirmation are not considered approved and are not guaranteed availability of the space.
    • Space requests are accepted only for the current semester, and opened up after all classes have been confirmed for the following semester. Space requests will open up on the following schedule: 
      • August 1: Fall requests accepted through December 15
      • November 1: Spring requests accepted through May 15
      • April 1: Summer requests accepted through August 15 
  • Confirmations: Reservations are confirmed by the SCD Programming team, and a confirmation message will be sent to the contact who submitted the request. 
    • Once an event is confirmed, any questions or cancellations can be sent in response to that message, to ensure the correct reservation information is being used. 
    • A confirmation only guarantees use of the space noted in the message, and is not transferable to other spaces without a new confirmation from SCD. 
  • Cancellations: There is no penalty for canceling reservations. 
    • Please notify SCD if you are not going to use a space so it can be opened for others to use. 
    • Repeated cancellations or unused bookings may result in limits on future space requests. 
  • Minors: Any activities that will involve minors must follow all Protection of Minors requirements for the University. No unsupervised minors are allowed in reserved or public spaces.

Resources and Staff Support

  • SCD staff does not provide on-demand tech support for all reservations, and cannot guarantee the availability of all resources and equipment for every event. Student staff support is available during scheduled Concierge hours, and the SCD programming team can meet in advance of reservations to review tech needs and use.   
  • Any additional services, support, furniture, equipment, and resources brought into SCD must be approved in advance, including University Facilities & Services (F&S) rentals, and the point of contact for the rental must be on site to meet any vendors or service providers for their event. SCD will not act as the point of contact for caterers or other vendors, unless prior arrangements have been made. 
  • Deliveries may only use the SCD loading garage to bring in large items if prior arrangements have been made with the SCD team to access the dock.
  • SCD does not provide storage for equipment or supplies that are delivered more than a day before an event reservation. All deliveries should be scheduled for the day of or within your reservation time for setup, or arranged with SCD for storage until the event. Equipment must be removed within one day of the reservation ending, unless approved by SCD.

Signs, Postings, and Displays around SCD

  • Designated areas and supplies are provided for postings and way-finding signs; any postings or information not using an approved display area or hanging method will be removed.  
  • Only painters tape may be used to tape on any surfaces in SCD. No stickers, fasteners, or markers are allowed on windows, furniture, or walls in SCD. 
  • All postings or displays must identify the owner, group, or contact who posted it, and a date when the posting or display is going to be removed; postings without a contact, group name, or date will be removed immediately. 
  • Posting walls are available outside of the restrooms on both levels, cork boards are above the water fountains on both levels, and grid walls for fliers are located throughout the building. See a member of the Concierge or SCD staff for more information. 
  • Rolling whiteboards are not to be used as signs, and must remain in the rooms where they are located. Whiteboard stanchion signs are available throughout SCD for way-finding.
  • Any signs, directions, or information that is posted for an event, must be taken down or erased after the event is completed. 
  • Long term displays, art installations, and large postings must be approved by the SCD programming team, and may require approval from University public art committees. 
  • By posting materials in public areas of the building, you accept the risk of your materials being vandalized or removed (whether accidentally or intentionally) by guests, SCD staff, or building services workers.