Building Policies

Reservation Opportunities

SCD spaces and equipment are only available to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Illinois System, and registered student organizations (RSOs). A valid University email address is required to reserve spaces, and an active I-Card is required to use or check out any equipment. All requests are subject to approval by SCD Programming and the availability of spaces, and must follow the reservation processes outlined on this page to be considered. Space requests are accepted per semester, as outlined in the scheduling policies timeline below. SCD spaces are only available during open building hours, and are closed on University holidays. 

Group Representative/Client

The individual(s) who submit the space request or contact SCD to create a space booking will be responsible for all guests and should act as the representative in charge of the rental or event. If this individual will not be in attendance, another representative must be designated prior to the booking date. Please communicate relevant policies to your group.

Facility Policies

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures

Space Requests

Submitting a request does not guarantee use of the space. Any requests that do not receive a confirmation are not considered approved and are not guaranteed availability of the space. Space requests are accepted only for the current semester, and opened up after all classes have been confirmed for the following semester. Space requests will open up on the following schedule:

  • August 1: Fall requests accepted through December 15
  • November 1: Spring requests accepted through May 15
  • April 1: Summer requests accepted through August 15


Reservations are confirmed by the SCD Programming team, and a confirmation message will be sent to the contact who submitted the request. Once an event is confirmed, any questions or cancellations can be sent in response to that message, to ensure the correct reservation information is being used. A confirmation only guarantees use of the space noted in the message, and is not transferable to other spaces without a new confirmation from SCD.

RSO Reservations

Space requests for any RSO events or activities must first be approved by the Student Organization, Development, and Administration (SODA) Office before they will be confirmed by SCD. SCD requires submitting space requests 3 days before the event, with a completed event approval from the SODA office. RSO space requests submitted without approval from the SODA office will be denied.

University Reservations

Anyone who is affiliated with the University may request to use space in SCD. Space requests must be submitted at least 3 days before the requested date to be reviewed in time. Requests submitted less than 3 days before the reservation are not considered approved unless a confirmation message is received from the SCD programming team.

Course (Full-Semester) Reservations

Booking rooms for upcoming semesters is managed separately from the space request process. Learn more about how instructors can connect with SCD by sending a message to, or connecting with our Assessment, Research and Learning team.

Submitting a Request

To reserve space in SCD, start by viewing our spaces on our website or taking a tour of the building so you know what rooms are available. Once you have determined that SCD could work for your event, you may select available rooms and submit a request using our online request form, or you may contact us at for assistance in creating more complex reservations by sending your group information, event details, expected attendance, preferred rooms, and technology needs to

Pricing Structure

There are no fees for the use of SCD spaces by anyone who is currently affiliated with the University of Illinois.

Cancellation Policy

There is no penalty for canceling reservations. Please notify SCD if you are not going to use a space so it can be opened for others to use. Repeated cancellations or unused bookings may result in limits on future space requests.


The SCD Programming staff will determine appropriate protocol for admissions and attendance capacities for events sponsored by university departments or outside groups. 

Room Capacities

Capacity limits must be strictly adhered to for all spaces within SCD, and crowd considerations must be discussed with SCD Programming if the number of guests is expected to reach capacity. Capacity needs or guest estimates must be submitted with space requested or they will not be considered. 


Any activities that will involve participants under the age of 18 must follow all Protection of Minors requirements for the University. No unsupervised minors are allowed in reserved or public spaces.


Support staff is available when the Concierge desk is open, or by requesting additional support when coordinating your booking. All reservations involving resources that are not part of the included equipment within the space must coordinate with SCD staff to determine setup needs, drawings, and support. Specialty staffing must be arranged and approved at least 3 weeks prior to the event and may incur additional fees.


Food and drinks are allowed in SCD rooms, and must be cleaned up entirely at the end of your reservation. All waste must be placed in a garbage receptacle; for large items, pedestrian access to the dumpster is available outside of the southwest entrance. SCD can provide additional 50-gallon garbage cans if requested prior to an event. In addition, groups serving food must contact the Office of Safety and Compliance by filling out the online form.

Catering Information

Groups may request catering services from one of the University’s approved vendors. In addition, University Catering is an approved caterer and can be contacted at (217) 333-0126. Use of the SCD Catering Kitchen must be approved with your booking, and the Group Representative is responsible for ensuring the space is cleaned and ready for use after the event.

Restricted Activities

No construction, fabrication, or finishing work that would create any mess, requires a sink for wet-work, creates airborne particulates, odors or fumes, or requires safety equipment can be done outside of The Shop; this includes painting, sanding, sawing, drilling, soldering, sculpting, epoxy work, or any hand-tooling that may damage the tables and surfaces.


Decorations may not compromise public safety or create risk of property damage, and they must not interfere with access to entrances/exits. Decorations must be free-standing and not require fastening to any surfaces. Tape may not be used on any floors or walls without permission, and only blue painter’s tape is allowed to be used on any surfaces. No signage or decorations including glitter or confetti are permitted. No use of lifts, trucks, tractors, ladders or any other assist apparatus is permitted. The group is responsible for removing all decorations upon conclusion of the event.

Long term displays, art installations, and large postings must be approved by the SCD programming team, and may require approval from University public art committees.

By posting materials in public areas of the building, you accept the risk of your materials being vandalized or removed (whether accidentally or intentionally) by guests, SCD staff, or building services workers.


Groups are responsible for ensuring that trash is disposed of properly upon the conclusion of the event or additional fees will be added for clean-up. No large boxes, catering trays, or anything that does not fit in the standard garbage cans may be left on the floor or near a garbage can; pedestrian access to the dumpster is available outside of the Southwest entrance for disposing of large items. SCD can provide additional 50-gallon garbage cans if requested for an event.

All signs, directions, information, and postings for events must be cleared or removed at the end of your reservation.

Room Equipment

All rooms must be reset to ready-to-use condition at the end of your reservation, with furniture returned to place, whiteboards erased, supplies cleaned up, users logged out of computers, and all room media and AV equipment shut down. Do not disconnect or remove cords from any SCD media and AV equipment.

No furniture can be taken out of a room without permission and assistance from SCD staff. This includes rolling whiteboards and chairs. This is to ensure that equipment and rooms are not damaged, and equipment is in place as needed for other guests.


Groups are responsible for any damage which occurs as a result of improper behavior or misuse of equipment/facilities during the event. Group may be billed for costs associated with any special cleaning or maintenance required from damages.


Any signs, directions, or information that is posted for an event, must be taken down or erased after the event is completed. Designated areas and supplies are provided for postings and way-finding signs; any postings or information not using an approved display area or hanging method will be removed.

Only blue painters tape may be used to tape on any surfaces in SCD. No stickers, fasteners, or markers are allowed on windows, furniture, or walls in SCD. Rolling whiteboards are not to be used as signs, and must remain in the rooms where they are located. Whiteboard stanchion signs are available throughout SCD for way-finding.

All postings or displays must identify the owner, group, or contact who posted it, and a date when the posting or display is going to be removed; postings without a contact, group name, or date will be removed immediately. Posting walls are available outside of the restrooms on both levels, cork boards are above the water fountains on both levels, and grid walls for fliers are located throughout the building. See a member of the Concierge or SCD staff for more information.

By posting materials in public areas of the building, you accept the risk of your materials being vandalized or removed (whether accidentally or intentionally) by guests, SCD staff, or building services workers.

Locker Reservation Policies

Lockers are reallocated and assigned to groups each semester, and must be renewed every semester with the SCD programming team. Current use of a locker does not guarantee continued use in future semesters. Locker codes are set once per semester and kept on file by SCD. Codes can be selected in collaboration with the user group, and will only be reset if necessary due to security concerns.

Food and drinks are not allowed to be stored in SCD lockers for any amount of time. 

Lockers must be cleaned out or registered with SCD to keep things over the summer and winter breaks. Any items cleared out of lockers will be kept 4 weeks into the following semester to be reclaimed. Lockers should be prioritized for current projects and material storage; items that are not actively and regularly used will not be given priority when lockers are reassigned each semester.

Noise Restrictions


Any audio, music, or noises inside SCD must remain below 70 decibels when measured at the source.


Amplified sound is permitted outdoors per the Campus Administrative Manual policy on Expressive Activity on Campus ( as follows: As approved as part of a reservation request under the university’s Reservation of University Property Policy for an event or activity occurring after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or on weekends, excluding final exam periods; or as approved by the Chancellor’s Special Event Advisory Committee for an event or activity sponsored by a university unit or recognized student organization. 

Special Requests, Deliveries, and Support

SCD staff does not provide on-demand tech support for all reservations, and cannot guarantee the availability of all resources and equipment for every event. Student staff support is available during scheduled Concierge hours, and the SCD programming team can meet in advance of reservations to review tech needs and use.  

Any additional services, support, furniture, equipment, and resources brought into SCD must be approved in advance, including University Facilities & Services (F&S) rentals, and the point of contact for the rental must be on site to meet any vendors or service providers for their event. SCD will not act as the point of contact for caterers or other vendors, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Deliveries may only use the SCD loading garage to bring in large items if prior arrangements have been made with the SCD team to access the dock.

SCD does not provide storage for equipment or supplies that are delivered more than a day before an event reservation. All deliveries should be scheduled for the day of or within your reservation time for setup, or arranged with SCD for storage until the event. Equipment must be removed within one day of the reservation ending, unless approved by SCD.

Other General Information


To help ensure accessibility in all programs, courses, and events, the accessibility guidelines found in the Illinois Accessibility Code are strongly encouraged. All event organizers should include requests for accommodations in their promotional and registration materials. Below is a sample statement that could be included in these materials:


“If you will need disability-related accommodations to participate in this program/event, please contact (name, host department) at (phone number, email). Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet access needs.”

Parking Regulations

SCD does not provide parking and is not responsible for parking citations incurred by guests as part of using the facilities. It is essential for groups to be aware of campus parking regulations including rental spaces, meter enforcement and other restrictions. Visit for more information. It is possible that special arrangements may be made with Campus Parking for offsite or permit parking with advanced notice. Fees may apply.

Review of Risk

Consider the need for University Police at your event by reviewing their website. University of Illinois Police Department

Please review how the University manages fire and life safety programs and the existing building and fire code compliance functions.  Campus Code and Compliance & Fire Safety

Also, note that the Office of Risk Management's efforts for the University of Illinois System encompass both strategic risk and financial, operational activities. Risk Management is the insurance agent for the system, serving its universities, regional sites, Extension offices, and system offices. The facility (Designated Official) in conjunction with the Office of Risk Management will determine, in the university’s sole discretion, if a certificate of insurance is required for any outside organization. If insurance is required, the outside organization must provide a certificate of insurance naming the Board of Trustees as an additional insured.   For more information contact the Office of Risk Management.

Campus Resources 

Additional Policy Information:

Student Engagement

Student Engagement is a department within Student Affairs formed to bring together a variety of units to enhance and support student involvement at Illinois. Registered Student Organization (RSO’s) are overseen by the Student Engagement office. Find out more about engaging students at their website. University of Illinois Student Engagement.