The Amphitheater


Our Amphitheater is created by the winding ramp that coils into the lower level, and can be seen from all around the building. It is a great place for sharing where others can see and hear, ideal for small presentations, lectures, poetry readings, discussion groups, critique sessions and more. 

The Amphitheater is open 7am-12am 

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Room Features

This space comes with built-in seating for up to 35, and some casual stools and coffee tables that can easily be moved. The maximum capacity for this space is 50 and all activities must stay within this limit for the safety of all guests. 

  • Built-in bench seating for up to 35
  • Standing rail for up to 15 spectators
  • 1 rolling whiteboard
  • Assorted small tables and stools

This equipment is standard with the room, and is available at all times when booking the space. Additional equipment can be requested through your Programming contact who will coordinate with our Concierge and AV Teams. 

  • 60" Television monitor cart with HDMI connection and USB-C adapter