Lab and Studio Attendants

Prototyping and learning along with our guests. 

Students working as Lab and Studio Attendants are encouraged to learn new equipment and processes through creating alongside our guests, and HCD projects focused on improving the user-experience. 

Lab and Studio Attendants

Attendants in the SCD Labs learn customer service and user experience design through their interactions with guests and supporting their various projects. With so much equipment to use and learn in SCD, there is always a unique opportunity to learn while assisting guests.  

Projects are designed to provide experiences to the team, while also meeting the needs of SCD and our guests. From wayfinding to training processes, we have developed everything using the design thinking process and with guest experience in mind. 

All of our student teams collaboration across departments, and we develop and implement stronger ideas together. We are always open to new ways of doing things, and encourage using empathy and iteration to create better resources for our guests. 

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From student positions to full-time gigs, we post all openings on our Jobs page. 

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