Our courses range from an introduction to Design Thinking to specialty capstones.  


Full DTX Course Catalog

DTX 180 | Exercising Empathy
DTX 210 | Introduction to Social Design
DTX 251 | Introduction to Design Thinking
DTX 252 | Introduction to Prototyping
DTX 455 | Design for Social Impact
DTX 495 | Special Topics in Design Thinking
DTX 499 | Multidisciplinary Innovation Studio 


DTX 180

Exercising Empathy

This course emphasizes the role that empathy can play in everything we do. Understanding empathy throughout our lives enables us to live a full and intentional life. How do we become compassionate people? When we approach trying to solve problems in our world, how do we ensure that we consider others, their perspectives and their needs? Students will be introduced to six core values to form a foundational understanding of empathy: collaboration, open-mindedness, empiricism, human factors, context, and reflection. 

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DTX 499

Innovation Studio

Design thinking requires design practice, especially on real-world challenges that truly require cross-disciplinary creative and critical thinking. Students will be assigned to a semester-long group project where they will conduct research, propose and prototype designs, and plan for the implementation and launch of the team’s final designs. By collaborating with local organizations, students have access to the audience who will be most impacted by their designs, so teams can collaborate with the users throughout the semester.

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Design Thinking in Health Innovation

Human-Centered Design (HCD) is a problem-solving approach that identifies the unmet needs of a population in order to collaboratively and iteratively develop solutions. Through interviews and panels with industry experts, this 8-week online courses provides students with practical approaches to using design thinking in health innovation. This course will be taught Asynchronously.

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