What's Siebel Center for Design?

Siebel Center for Design is the only design center of its kind in the USA. We practice, model, and teach design thinking and human-centered design in collaboration with all disciplines, majors, and departments at UIUC, including its community-at-large. SCD was made possible in part by a donation from the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation.

OK, so what’s design thinking? What’s human-centered design?

Human-centered design (HCD) is a problem-solving approach that uses design thinking to identify the unmet needs of a population in order to collaboratively and iteratively develop solutions. We believe that HCD is a flexible approach that allows anyone to solve problems in creative and innovative ways, using processes such as empathizing with people, brainstorming ideas, and prototyping solutions. 

I’m a ______ major. Is this building and everything inside for all students, or is it just for specific majors, like engineering or graphic design?

SCD is for everyone - students, faculty, staff, and community members - who’s interested in multidisciplinary collaboration, and learning more about design thinking and human-centered design. 

Does SCD offer classes?

Yes! For the fall 2021 semester, we’re teaching Introduction to Design Thinking and Design for Social Impact in our building. We’re also hosting 18 other classes, representing disciplines from advertising to Spanish, with lots in between.

We’ve heard there are AMAZING makerspaces at SCD. What kind of equipment is available?

You’ve heard correctly! The Shop’s broad range of fabrication equipment will be available to all students, faculty, and staff, regardless of major or discipline. Once the Shop is open, sewing machines, 3D printers, laser engravers, a water jet cutter, a CNC router, saws and sanders, and more will be available for use. Fee structure is TBD. 

What are your hours?

Our main doors are open every day from 7AM to midnight, with exceptions made for university holidays. Hours for certain rooms in the building vary - please check here for more information.

Will there be food and drink available?

Yes! SCD’s cafe area will host a coffee shop this fall, with treats to eat following shortly thereafter. Vending machines will also be available on our lower level if you need a quick snack. 

I’d love to join SCD’s team. Are you hiring? 

We love that you’re interested! All available job postings for openings at SCD are listed here

Is SCD open to the C-U community? 

Members of the C-U community at large are welcome to explore SCD, inside and out! We’ll have more information soon about how members of the community can engage further with SCD, including using equipment in the Shop, attending events and workshops, and much more.

How can faculty get involved? 

Classes have already been scheduled for the 2021-2022 academic year, but we encourage faculty to come in, take a look around, bring students in for study sessions or projects, and more. We’re also offering professional development activities for faculty this fall. Get in touch with us with questions! 

I’m planning an event. How can I reserve space in this amazing facility? 

More information and a link to reserve space for your event at SCD can be found here