We have an open-door policy and are happy to meet you where you are. So don’t worry–let’s make you comfortable on how you can get started learning with us. 

Education Entry Points

Our Door is Open to You 

Open to everyone on the Urbana campus, SCD offers several entry points to human-centered design (HCD) education:

  1. Workshops & Bootcamps–explore the mindset of HCD
  2. Self-guided learning materials
  3. Full, semester-long course on Design Thinking

Resources: Curriculum Development

It’s Easy to Bring Design Thinking to Your Classroom  

SCD’s design strategists frequently collaborate with instructors from across campus to bring design thinking into the classroom. They help develop student projects at a variety of scales to suit the custom needs of a course, including co-designing curriculum and assisting with its delivery.

What exactly does that mean? We can help instructors discover how to best expand the possibilities of student learning outcomes with human-centered design, in everything from single-class workshops and lab sessions to full-semester design thinking projects.

K-12 Learning Lab

A free-of-charge online learning experience.

Check it out!