The Concierge

Providing guest service while learning HCD. 

Students working as concierges explore service and experience design through their daily interactions with guests and the Center, and prototype their ideas through interdisciplinary projects. 

The Concierge

Connecting guests with resources both in SCD and across campus is the goal of the Concierge, and our vision is to create a simpler way for students to discover everything available to them, which leaves more time to create and innovate!

We collect data in fun ways and analyze how we can provide more support to our guests. The Concierge drives new ideas and changes to our offerings, and are one of the ways we model the importance of empathy and iteration in design. 

Our Concierge students learn customer service and guest experience by supporting all visitors at SCD. From answering questions about Design Thinking to troubleshooting an event setup, the Concierge can help anyone find the next step on their creative journey. 

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