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Bring design thinking into your discipline.

Curriculum Development.

SCD’s design strategists frequently collaborate with instructors from across campus to bring design thinking into the classroom. They help develop student projects at a variety of scales to suit the custom needs of a course, including co-designing curriculum and assisting with its delivery.

What exactly does that mean? We can help instructors discover how to best expand the possibilities of student learning outcomes with human-centered design, in everything from single-class workshops and lab sessions to full-semester design thinking projects.

Instructor Seminars

Finds ways to incorporate HCD and Design Thinking into your curricula and instruction with Seminars designed for Instructors

Request an In-Class Seminar

Facilitated by HCD-trained Teaching Scholars, In-Class Seminars and Workshops explore the design thinking processes and human-centered design mindsets. 

Request a Workshop

Seminars and workshops focus on the HCD mindsets and design thinking process, and can be customized to include your group's projects and interests. 

Instructor Retreats

SCD facilitates retreats for Faculty and Staff interested in learning more about Human-Centered Design and applying it to your departments' tasks or projects.

SCD Affiliates

Looking to deepen your connection to SCD? We've developed the SCD Affiliates Program to strengthen partnerships and elevate the Siebel Center for Design’s leadership in Human-Centered Design. Affiliates contribute to infrastructure, research, and curriculum while utilizing SCD’s resources. These partnerships focus on themes connecting design with interdisciplinary challenges.

As affiliates, partners gain access to our facilities and collaborative opportunities. They also have the option to join the SCD Core Affiliate Board. Affiliation involves proposal submission, project collaboration, and an annual review for continuity.

We believe in collaborating closely with educators, researchers, and students to demonstrate the versatile application of Human-Centered Design across diverse challenges and fields. Our commitment lies in conducting evidence-based assessments to discern the effectiveness, underlying principles, and avenues for enhancement of HCD. Furthermore, we are dedicated to constructing comprehensive frameworks and practical tools that disseminate these valuable insights and best practices, ensuring their accessibility to all.

More information coming soon about the SCD Affiliate program and how to get involved. 

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