SCD’s Retreats will help your team address your biggest challenges using Design Thinking.

SCD facilitates retreats for Faculty and Staff interested in learning more about Human-Centered Design and applying it to your departments' tasks or projects.

Retreat Options

Understand, Synthesize and Ideate Retreat.

Understand the challenge at hand, synthesize opportunities, and brainstorm ideas to seize opportunities. 
Total Duration: 3 hours.
Total Cost: $1000

Synthesize, Ideate, and Prototype Retreat.

Revisit your "how might we..." questions and existing opportunities, brainstorm ideas to seize opportunities, and develop plans to prototype these opportunities.
Total Duration: 3 hours
Total Cost: $1000

Prototype and Implement Retreat.

Examine and evaluate your prototypes and discuss ways to implement and sustain those prototypes in existing systems.
Total Duration: 3 hours.
Total Cost: $1000

Retreats should be requested at least two weeks in advance for full consideration. For more information, contact Sidney Sprunger at