Empowering Youth through Human-Centered Design: A Day at Discovery Partners Institute

Dr. Brian Guerrero, SCD Fellow, K-12 Programs, and Gail Rost, SCD Scholar, K-12 Programs, embarked on an inspiring journey to the Discovery Partners Institute on January 6th. Their mission? To enrich the minds of mentors and facilitators who play a crucial role in the upcoming Discover Computing 2 program.

The mentors and facilitators, a dedicated group of volunteer students from Wilbur Wright College and local teachers from the Chicago area, gathered to delve deeper into the realm of Human-Centered Design (HCD). The goal was clear: equip young people with hands-on skills in creative computing concepts.

Discover Computing 2 is not just a program.

It's a catalyst for change and a transformational experience designed to empower young minds. It's about fostering a love for creative computing, instilling skills that go beyond the classroom, and encouraging the development of personal portfolios that reflect the unique talents of each participant. Brian and Gail took the lead in guiding mentors through the intricacies of the HCD taxonomy, helping them navigate the upcoming camps with clarity and purpose.

As the mentors delved into the world of Discover Computing 2, they embarked on a journey of understanding. Through collaborative efforts, they organized their collective thoughts, shared insights, and proposed innovative solutions to enhance the overall camp experience.

The atmosphere at the Discovery Partners Institute buzzed with creativity and a shared commitment to shaping the future of these young people. The mentors, fueled by Brian and Gail's guidance, explored the nuances of Human-Centered Design, ensuring that the upcoming camps would be a powerful experience for the campers.

As Brian and Gail departed the Discovery Partners Institute that day, they left behind a group of mentors and facilitators ready to ignite the spark of innovation in the young minds they would soon mentor. The journey had just begun, but the impact of that day would resonate throughout the Discover Computing 2 program, shaping the future of these aspiring young people.