From Backdrop to Stardom Displays at SCD

From Backdrop to Stardom Displays at SCD

Digital Exhibit Running April 11 - May 13

Opening Event 
April 11, 2024 from 4-6pm
Siebel Center for Design

From Backdrop to Stardom is the culmination of over ten years of student work curated into one exhibition that will be developed in a series of prototypes starting in the Spring of 2024 at Siebel Center for Design. This phase of the project will explore how the immense amount of content can be shared, displayed, and experienced by viewers in a variety of spaces, with the goal of creating a traveling exhibit that could go to other venues.

Co-Curated by: Kathryn H. Anthony Ph.D ACSA Distinguished Professor, School of Architecture, and Manal Anis, Graduate Student, School of Architecture

This event is part of the 2024 Boneyard Arts Festival 

Memories of far-away places from our favorite films remain with us all our lives, imprinted in our heads, ingrained in our hearts. “From Backdrop to Stardom: How Movies Create Memorable Spaces” offers fresh insights into the symbiotic relationships among architecture, cinema, environment and behavior. Here background becomes foreground, and buildings, spaces and places shoot their way to stardom.
Curated by Kathryn Anthony and Manal Anis, this digital exhibit of over 60 artworks created by architect/artists, one of the first of its kind, highlights 10 architectural themes, spanning a variety of film genres, directors and eras. As a novel form of artistic expression, these groundbreaking images broaden the dialogue between film and architecture. Travel with us to see the magic of movies in a new light.
Over 60 contributing architect/artists are represented in this project. Most are currently employed in architectural practice throughout the US, Europe, and Asia: Madina Akhmetova, Esraa Aljawi, Manal Anis, Caroline Bair, Hakeem M Barre, Ethan Barreto, David Bell, Bridget Benge, Jackson Bochat, Max Boehringer, Jezabel Cardenas, Kamini Chavda, Weiwei Chen, Sabina Choragwicki, Thomas Cooper, Wiktor Czechura, Radhika Dhekne, John Dohse, Meghana Dutt, Shivayogi Gajare, Vaishnavi Gillala, Allie Gloude, Fernando Nebot Gomez, Yujue Gu, Yu-Lun Nico Hsu, Richard Ignacz, Makenzie Jarvis, Wanas Jasim, Austin Johnson, Anirudh Varadan Kalyanaraman, Letizia La Spia, Neeti Menon, Teresa Meyer, Robert J Moy, Joanne Muniz, Srushti Nehete, John Nelson, Travis Norville, Jehlani Pace, Aarefa Palgharwala, Chengcheng Peng, Ella Peterson-Berger, Myah Price, Rachita Ranjit, Yashasvini Rao, Nineveh Rasho, Alexander Rosado, Sushant Sapre, Hendrik Schmiemann, WanWan Shao, Yue Shi, Vaishali Singh, Doowon Son, Sayuj Srivastava, Vicky Stropus, Pratik Uchil, Antonius Viehmann, Amber Watkins, Steffen West, Tianshu Zoe Zhao, Yuan Zhu