Sunset Studio 1050

Sunset Studio 1050


Located on the upper level, the Sunset Studio is a space dedicated to "resident" student groups and project teams, where residents can reserve lockers, book meeting spaces within the room, and collaborate with other residents on events and programming. The room is a shared studio, with open and flexible work spaces meant to encourage interaction and engagement among teams.  

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Room Features

The visible presentation area is limited to half of the room, and can seat up to 45 people. The entire space includes flexible seating and tables for up to 84. The maximum capacity for this space is 100 and all activities must stay within this limit for the safety of all guests. 

  • 12 desk-style tables and 12 standard tables on wheels.
  • 72 chairs on wheels
  • 8 rolling whiteboards

This equipment is standard with the room, and is available at all times when booking the space. Additional equipment can be requested through the Equipment Checkout or by working with our Concierge and AV Teams. 

  • Projector and 2 ceiling speakers with Mersive Solstice pods for wireless AV connection
  • Roller shades and dimmable lighting