Classroom 1002

Classroom 1002


Classroom 1002 is on Level 1 of SCD, near our main entrance facing 4th Street. This room is set up for presentations or lectures, with front-facing seating for up to 30 and flexible furniture on wheels that can easily be rearranged to create collaboration pods or host an event. SCD's classrooms have in-room computers, projectors, audio systems, and whiteboards all around.

Classrooms are open 7am-10pm daily.

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Room Features

This space comes with flexible seating and tables for up to 30. The maximum capacity for this space is 49 people and all activities must stay within this limit for the safety of all guests. 

  • 15 desk-style tables on wheels
  • 30 chairs on wheels
  • 3 rolling whiteboards, 1 whiteboard in front, and whiteboard divider wall
  • Teaching desk and podium

This equipment is standard with the room, and is available at all times when booking the space. Additional equipment can be requested through the Equipment Checkout or by working with our Concierge and AV Teams. 

  • Touch control panel on wall
  • In-room computer
  • Projector and screen
  • In-ceiling speakers
  • HDMI connection for projector and speakers