Exploring Ways of Integrating Human-Centered Design in your Teaching and Courses

This workshop introduces instructors to Human-Centered Design and its potential applications in teaching strategies and course materials. The workshop will demonstrate how you can teach about, through, and with Human-Centered Design in higher education settings.

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Empathy and Iteration in Teaching

This workshop is for instructors who want to teach with Human-Centered Design. This session will focus on the design thinking tools you can implement to empathize with your students, and iterate on your teaching activities and strategies.

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Creating Human-Centered Design Challenges

Are you ready to consider your course learning objectives in a new light? This workshop presents a framework for creating design challenges that address course objectives and offer students authentic design experiences. This framework can also be used to explore potential project topics and create human-centered design prompts. All instructional backgrounds are welcome!

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Facilitating and Assessing Students' Performance during Human-Centered Design Challenges

This workshop elaborates on teaching practices useful for facilitating students’ engagement in collaborative problem-solving activities. We will also introduce assessment tools for evaluating students’ performance and learning during human-centered design challenges.

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Using Design Tools for Research and Teaching: Introduction to Miro

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of Miro—a virtual whiteboard tool used across many industries to create and collaborate—as well as best practices developed by the SCD team. SCD uses Miro to collect and organize research, to facilitate remote and asynchronous work, and to create assignments and group environments for student projects. In this session, we will show you examples of how we use it in our work, and we’ll provide templates and suggestions for how you can begin using it for instruction or research.

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Creating Captive Audiences Workshop for Learners

Creating compelling communication matters in order to fully engage your audience while presenting your ideas. The aim of this workshop is to help you stay focused on the specific points you’re trying to make by outlining your story ahead of time. You will learn how to identify the purpose of your story, effective techniques to engage your audience, and to use empathy in your storytelling telling process.

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Understanding Oneself and Others

Empathy - understanding oneself and others - is a critical tool in everyone's toolkit! Being human-centered and seeing the world from the perspective of others (and better understanding yourself) can help you better meet the needs of your end user, whether that’s through a product, a strategy, or an experience. Join us to learn more about empathy, empathizing with others, and how empathy can enhance your work.

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Designing Your Own Learning

Being aware of your own thinking and learning processes and being able to agilely and intentionally change them in order to successfully complete a task (also term metacognition) is a fundamental, but often underdeveloped, skill essential for success in learning and life. Join us as we explore metacognitive strategies, such as planning, monitoring, and evaluating, to empower students to become designers of their own learning.

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Developing Collaborative Connections

Collaboration is key to sparking innovation. By bringing together people with unique sets of knowledge, skills, and experiences, you can collectively develop new ideas that will solve big problems. Join us in exploring how to best develop and facilitate a multidisciplinary team when practicing human-centered design to discover solutions to complex challenges.

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Introduction to Human-Centered Design

Human-Centered Design is a creative problem solving approach that uses design thinking tools to identify the unmet needs of a population in order to collaboratively and iteratively develop relevant and innovative solutions. This workshop provides an introduction to the tools, spaces and processes that define this approach.

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Building Creative Confidence

Creativity is a vital part of human-centered design, and a core skill for 21st-century learners. Human-centered design can motivate learners to develop a creative mindset that facilitates problem-solving through collaboration and critical thinking. Developing creative confidence - the belief that we all have the potential to innovate and solve problems through creative outcomes - will take you even further. Join us to learn the essential qualities to fostering creativity, and participate in activities designed to encourage creative confidence.

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