Here, students and faculty will meet to formulate solutions, prototype and test their ideas, and collaborate with partners around the world using state-of-the-art digital and physical tools.

The Siebel Center Experience

  • Design Thinking

    Students will master design thinking by acquiring skills like problem framing and research, analytical reasoning, ideation and conceptualization, prototyping and communication.

  • Collaboration

    Although some projects may be individual, most will involve collaboration in interdisciplinary teams. These skills will be an important component of the experience within and outside the curriculum.

  • Autonomy

    Students will have access to resources for self-directed projects, volunteer initiatives, and other ventures. Independence in creating these opportunities and identifying the resources and skills they require will be central to the students’ experiences.

Design Thinking Across Campus

The Siebel Center for Design will be the highly visible center of an established network of design perspectives, spaces and resources at Illinois, which includes:

Ideation, design and making across disciplines
Maker spaces — Research labs — Living-learning communities
Rich history of invention and innovation