The Shop

Calling ALL Makers!

Whether you're a seasoned fabricator, a novice wanting to get your hands dirty in a safe and welcoming environment, or somewhere in between, the Shop at SCD has the tools, equipment, and training required to bring your designs to life. 

When is the Shop open?
The Shop's open for business every Tuesday - Sunday from 4-10pm. The schedule may vary due to holidays, school breaks, etc.
I can't wait to make something! How can I start using the tools?
Upon entering the Shop, check in with staff at the front desk to determine tool and equipment use status. They'll get you set up from there. 
How can I get trained on a certain machine?
Training and other assistance is available from SCD's Shop team on a drop-in basis - just ask at the desk. 
Does it cost anything to use the equipment? Do you have materials available for use or sale?
There is no charge for equipment operation!  We only charge for materials that you use.  We provide basic materials for purchase.  You are welcome to bring your own materials, just check in with a staff member beforehand to make sure it is safe to use with our equipment.
Any other questions or comments?
Email us
! We'd love to hear from you. 

Read on to explore what you can make and do in the Shop's makerspace and production shop! 


Get those quick prototypes up and running using the tools in this part of the Shop.

FDM 3D Printers

Make: Zortrax
Model: M200+
Use: Creating 3d objects by building layers of fused, extruded plastic

SLA 3D Printers

Make: Formlabs
Model: Form 3
Use: Creating 3d objects by building up layers of UV cured liquid resin

Large Format Printer / Cutter

Make: Roland
Model: SG2-540
Use: Printing and cutting 2D graphics

Sewing Machines

Make: Janome
Model: Sewist 500
Use: Sewing fabric and materials with thread

Laser Cutter / Engraving Machines

Make: Trotec
Model: Speedy 400 Flexx
Use: Engraving designs into materials, cutting thin materials
Bed Size: 24" x 40"

Production Shop

Got a project requiring some heavier equipment? Get what you need in this part of the Shop.

Soldering Stations

Use: Making electrical connections

CNC Router

Make: Laguna
Model: Swift 4x4
Use: Making automated 2Dand 3D cuts in wood and plastics

Waterjet Cutter

Make: Omax
Model: 2652
Use: Making automated 2D cuts in metals, stone, glass, and more

Table Saw

Make: SawStop
: Rip and cross cutting wood and some plastics

Drill Press

Make: Powermatic
Use: Drilling holes in a wide variety of materials

Compound Miter Saw

Make: Dewalt
Model: DWX723
Use: Cross cutting wood and some plastics, can be set to cut at compound angles

Panel Saw

Make: Speedcut
: Cutting large sheets of plywood or some plastics into smaller sheets


Make: Jet
Model: 714400K
Use: Cutting curves and detailed designs in wood and some plastics

Belt / Disk Sander

Make: Grizzly
Model: W1712
Use: Smoothing the surface of wood and some plastics