Maker Space

FDM 3D Printers

Make: Zortrax
Model: M200+
Use: Creating 3d objects by building layers of fused, extruded plastic

SLA 3D Printers

Make: Formlabs
Model: Form 3
Use: Creating 3d objects by building up layers of UV cured liquid resin

Large Format Printer / Cutter

Make: Roland
Model: SG2-540
Use: Printing and cutting 2D graphics

Laser Cutter / Engraving Machines

Make: Trotec
Model: Speedy 400 Flexx
Use: Engraving designs into materials, cutting thin materials
Bed Size: 24" x 40"

Sewing Machines

Make: Janome
Model: Sewist 500
Use: Sewing fabric and materials with thread

Soldering Stations

Use: Making electrical connections

Mat Board Cutter

Use: ?

Coming Soon!

Use: ?