The Media Studio

What’s Rokwire and why do they work well with SCD?

Rokwire is an open source platform for creating mobile apps. The Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative leads this project at the University of Illinois. They are creating a digital ecosystem that will enable the smart, healthy communities of tomorrow. The design and research team’s home base is within the cooperative Sunrise Studio workspace in SCD, they use meeting spaces regularly, and the StratLab (Rokwire’s Smart Campus Strategy Lab) is a partnership between the Illinois Smart Healthy Communities Initiative and SCD.  

It’s this type of collaborative, problem-solving, interdepartmental initiative that SCD was built for.

“Our design team is fortunate to call Siebel Center for Design our home base. Recently we have been utilizing the space more fully by narrating quick Illinois app how-to videos in SCD's media studio control room." 

- Vanessa Burgett, Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative (Rokwire)

Here is one video recently recorded in SCD you might see on the Illinois app or media.