Moonlight Bay 1060

Moonlight Bay 1060


This space is home to several short-term residencies throughout the year, rotating every one to five weeks, providing an easy-to-access workroom where residents can prepare for competitions, assemble their design, host a guest artist (who can build a boat), and so much more. 

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Room Features

This space comes with flexible seating and tables for up to 8 people, a built-in work bench and lockers for secure storage. The maximum capacity for this space is 49 people and all activities must stay within this limit for the safety of all guests. 

  • 2 rolling tables
  • 8 chairs on wheels
  • 2 rolling whiteboards
  • 10-foot workbench with pegboard wall
  • Built-in glass showcase facing the main lobby

This equipment is standard with the room, and is available at all times when booking the space. Additional equipment can be requested through the Equipment Checkout or by working with our Concierge and AV Teams. 

  • 84" wall-mounted monitor with HDMI input or Mersive Solstice pod for wireless AV connection
  • 8 Hanging power outlets with 25-foot extension cord-reels
  • Single-bay garage door to 4th Street access

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