Classroom 0060

Game Studies & Computer Music Lab

SCD's lower level classroom is one of the homes of the Game Studies & Design program, the Illini E-Sports teams, and the Computer Music Project. The classroom is a computer lab with seating for up to 24 at computer stations,  has and in-room computer, wall-mounted screen, whiteboards, and lockers for instructors and the E-Sports teams. 

The lab hosts the James W. Beauchamp Computer Music Project (CMP) where two courses, Introduction to Computer Music and Musical Informatics are taught, and software research and development is conducted in a CMP-NCSA partnership.

Over its 40 years of existence, the James W. Beauchamp Computer Music Project (CMP) has contributed to the renown of UIUC as an important center in the evolution of Computer Music (that originated at UIUC in 1956) and continues to be present at national and international conferences and festivals through presentations of papers and original music. Over the years, it collaborated with national institutions such as Argonne National Laboratory and San Diego Supercomputer Center and since 1986, with NCSA. Presently, software developed at CMP is being implemented at Shandong University of the Arts in Jinan, China.

Room Features

This space comes with flexible seating and tables for up to 30. The maximum capacity for this space is 49 people and all activities must stay within this limit for the safety of all guests. 

  • 15 desk-style tables on wheels
  • 30 chairs on wheels
  • 3 rolling whiteboards, 1 whiteboard in front, and whiteboard wall in back
  • Teaching desk and podium

This equipment is standard with the room, and is available at all times when booking the space. Additional equipment can be requested through the Equipment Checkout or by working with our Concierge and AV Teams. 

  • Touch control panel on wall
  • In-room computer
  • Wall-mounted monitor, 82” display
  • In-ceiling speakers
  • HDMI connection for monitor and speakers
  • Ceiling mounted cameras and microphones
  • Wireless handheld (1) and lavalier (1) microphones
  • Assisted listening transmitter and receivers (4)