Requirements Development

This course is an introduction to requirements development in engineering design. In this project-based design course, students will work in small teams to identify and clarify unmet needs, then develop design concepts to address them. The semester will begin with a short design ‘sprint’ to ensure all students have relevant practical experience in engineering design. Following this, we will provide a series of learning experiences covering requirements development methods used in Systems Engineering and human-centered design as they relate to (1) stakeholder requirements, (2) system abstraction and modeling, and (3) system requirements. The semester will end with a second design ‘sprint’ in which newly gained knowledge, skills, and abilities may be applied and assessed. Students enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to participate in a research study, which seeks to develop new instructional methods to better prepare students for a career in engineering design.

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Credit: 3 hours  |  Thursdays, 3-5:50PM  |  Meets 01/18/22 - 05/04/22  |  Location: Siebel Center for Design Classroom 1002 |  Instructor: Alex Pagano