Edible Entrepreneurialism:
Feeding Ideas for the Future

This course introduces students to various elements and facets of entrepreneurialism that put the consumer first. Students will explore diverse development journeys of well-known food innovators, and will participate in reflective and active learning activities to learn about facets of entrepreneurialism. Students enrolled in the course will explore Siebel Center for Design’s human-centered design approach while nourishing their entrepreneurial skills. 

This elective course will be delivered using asynchronous online best practices, and registration will be open to all undergraduate students. Please send any course inquiries, including requests to see an example syllabus, to edibleentrepUIUC@gmail.com.  

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Credit: 3 hours  |  Asynchronous  |  Meets 01/18/22 - 05/04/22  |  Location: Online |  Instructor: Dawn Bohn