SCD-Affiliated Spring 2022 Courses

SCD-affiliated courses are developed and taught by SCD-affiliated faculty, SCD Scholars, and/or SCD Fellows. These courses are housed in the instructor's discipline, and design thinking and human-centered design are part of the curriculum. 

SE 398

Requirements Development

This course is an introduction to requirements development in engineering design. In this project-based design course, students will work in small teams to identify and clarify unmet needs, then develop design concepts to address them. 

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FSHN 199

Edible Entrepreneurialism

This course introduces students to various elements and facets of entrepreneurialism that put the consumer first. Students will explore diverse development journeys of well-known food innovators, and will participate in reflective and active learning activities to learn about facets of entrepreneurialism. Students enrolled in the course will explore Siebel Center for Design’s human-centered design approach while nourishing their entrepreneurial skills. 

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