SCD Summer Interns

The SCD Summer Intern program is a deep-dive experience into Human-Centered Design.

From our design thinking intensive to the final presentations, this 8-week Summer program is packed with learning opportunities, chances to develop your design thinking skills and understanding of human-centered design, and several projects that have an impact on our campus and SCD.

"I’m currently working on an APP for a professor that will help teach kids in South Africa. We’re focusing on how we can make the UI more accessible and easy without the internet. That is rewarding as it is. But an added bonus is getting to work in the SCD building. I can literally make anything!”

Aditya Sharma, 2022 SCD Summer Intern
MS-Information Management '22, School of Information Sciences

"I knew I wanted to take a non-traditional path with my major. Working at Siebel Center for Design helped me learn how to view my degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences through a human systems lens, and how I can apply human-centered design toward my passions for social and environmental justice.”

Aditi Jha, 2019 SCD Summer Intern, 2020 SCD Fellow
BS-Natural Resources '20, College of ACES

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