Experiential Learning

To fully understand human-centered design (HCD), nothing takes the place of immersive, experiential, get-your-hands-dirty, experience. It takes time and effort to get in the mindset of HCD–to explore problem-solving in a holistic, collaborative, full-circle way. To get comfortable with being scrappy, with having an open-door policy for feedback, with researching AND THEN implementing in ways that can provide solutions that make an impact. 

SCD (in addition to workshops, boot camps, and courses) offers deeper learning opportunities through SCD Scholars, SCD Fellows, and SCD Student Interns, all of which are paid positions requiring an application process.

SCD Fellows

Fellows play a critical role in advancing the Siebel Center for Design mission by diving deep into human-centered design, design thinking, and design strategy. 

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SCD Scholars

Graduate, Research, and Teaching Assistants - are given the freedom to explore what human-centered design looks like in their respective fields of study.

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SCD Summer Interns

The SCD Summer Intern program is a deep-dive experience into HCD, which allows our student teams to learn more about design thinking.  

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Student Teams

Student roles support our labs and services, and also include multidisciplinary learning opportunities through human-centered design projects that work across teams.
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