Boot Camps

SCD’s Design Thinking Boot Camps serve as practical explorations of each of the five spaces of human-centered design: Understand, Synthesize, Ideate, Prototype, and Implement. After an introduction of the day’s topic, Boot Camp participants will work in small groups to apply newly learned skills and concepts to real-world problems. These standalone, in-person events are perfect for groups who want to apply an aspect of human-centered design to a current project, as well as for those who want to explore human-centered design in an experiential way. Open to University of Illinois students, RSOs, groups, faculty, and staff, these events will take place at SCD.

HCD Boot Camp - Understand

When practicing human-centered design, it’s important to connect with the people you are designing for—their lives, their interests, their motivations, and their struggles. Learn how to take a human-centered approach to gathering information that will provide a compass when designing to solve complex problems.

Thursday, 09/29/22  |  2-4PM  |  Location: Siebel Center for Design

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HCD Boot Camp - Synthesize

Synthesis is the area of human-centered design that takes us from inspiration to ideas, and from stories to solutions. In addition to discovering practical pathways toward new perspectives, participants will learn to identify innovative opportunities by collaboratively making sense of others’ stories and challenges.

Thursday, 10/27/22  |  2-4PM  |  Location: Siebel Center for Design

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HCD Boot Camp - Ideate

We all have good ideas from time to time, but how can we intentionally ideate to develop innovative solutions to complex problems? Learn about and practice collaborative, intentional ideation to generate ideas, communicate them to others, receive feedback, and keep iterating to generate groundbreaking solutions to real-world problems.

Thursday, 12/01/22  |  2-4PM  |  Location: Siebel Center for Design

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Request a workshop or boot camp for your group! 

SCD’s Requested Workshops and Boot Camps offer an introduction of human-centered design and its mindsets. These workshops are 1-2 hours and are structured with a presentation followed by one or more activities.