A Core Working Group is leading the university’s project planning and implementation of the Siebel Center for Design, in collaboration with campus academic and administrative stakeholders. The broader university goal of expanding and harnessing the power of design thinking and design learning across disciplines on the campus is the charge of a Design Initiative Executive Committee.

Siebel Center for Design Core Working Group

Andy Singer
Siebel Center for Design

David Weightman
School of Art + Design

Noah Isserman
School of Social Work

Jim Sims
Capital Planning

Matthew Tomaszewski
Office of the Provost

Sandra Yoo
Capital Construction

Design Initiative Executive Committee

Andreas Cangellaris
Engineering, Chair

Anita Chan
Media (Media and Cinema Studies)

Kevin Hamilton
Fine and Applied Arts (School of Art and Design)

Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler
Engineering (Mechanical Science and Engineering)

Wynne Korr
Social Work

Alan Mette
Fine and Applied Arts (School of Art and Design)

Chuck Tucker
Office of the Provost

Madhu Viswanathan
Business (Business Administration)